About Me

I, Alyssa Galford am a Nutritionist and a Nutritional Therapy Student Practitioner. I live with my husband and new baby in beautiful Coeur D’ Alene. As of June of 2019, will have my NTP and I specialize in Prenatal and Postnatal nutrition. I am so passionate about health and fitness and am aware of bioindividuality. Everyone needs something different! As a Nutritional Therapist my scope of practice does not involve diagnosing or treating the individual. I respect the individuals right to claim their health in their own time on their own terms. I am a health coach above all else.

I have been coaching people for almost 3 years in nutrition, and I became interested in health my junior year of high school as I managed a wrestling team. I watched them cut massive amounts of weight in such an unhealthy way and I just knew there had to be a better way. This led to further study on my part, for a time my goal was a earn a degree in dietetics. As I entered college and began working towards that degree, I found so many misconceptions and myths that I was told I would have to accept as truth, but the holistic science that I had been learning on my own contradicted much of what I was learning.

This led me to the NTA, Nutritional Therapy Association, where they believed that there was no one size fits all (aka the food pyramid which was then changed to my plate). Everyone is unique and so each person needs a slightly different plan because of our own unique genetic make up and ancestry. I looked at the many different diseases and while the medical field could not seem to cure the problems the NTA had a real explanation. The final nail in the coffin of my Dietetics dream came when my grandmother gave me the copy of the meal plan a dietitian gave my grandfather to help balance his blood sugar, for he was diabetic. It consisted of little protein and 259 grams of simple carbs and sugar with the recommendation to just give himself insulin with each meal. He died of a diabetic heart attack at the age of 58, 70% of his heart was already dead before the heart attack due to the continuous dosing of insulin.

I knew if I really wanted to help people and make a difference I could not be handcuffed by the FDA and the other various government agencies that operated to line their own pockets, no matter the cost to the health of our society.

Now where to start? Who would be my audience. If I really wanted to invest in the next generation, it had to start before the diseases could take hold in the body. It had to start before children came to school and were taught the ways of the FDA. I had to give the next generation the best chance at a disease-free life, where they would have optimal health. I had to start before they were born. So here I am, trying to reach all women hopefully before they were pregnant. But it is in pregnancy where women become more concerned about their body, because it is not just our body that we are caring for.

So, if you are reading this, I know you are searching for answers. I know there is a lot of information to sift through. I know how hard it is to decide what is best and who knows what they are talking about. That is why it is my mission to make health and nutrition as clear as possible. I’m sorry for the burden society has forced upon us mothers, we can only want what is best, and having to determine what is a lie and what is not, that could forever impact the health of our children. Let’s create a better world for our children and hopefully they will not have the same burden of digging through propaganda to find the truth.